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Friday, 25 October 2013

Irit Dulman workshop in the States 2014.

    Stunning textures, amazing colors, innovative techniques will be presented on coming workshop of talented artist Irit Dulman in the States in January 2014.

    Irit Dulman works in her studio in Givatayim, just outside TLV, but her inspiration seems to lack borders of time and place. Her colors, textures and designs are sensually bold, seductive, introvert as well as daring. There is nothing obvious in her work, for it has its own reason and feminine insight. 

    Printing tenderness -A creative 2 day workshop in Felt and tattoos botanical prints ( Jan 4-5)
   The multidimensional mystery- 3 day workshop Combining 3D Shibori techniques in felt and dyeing with botanical print ( Jan 6-8)
    Contact Nika Ivanoff  ( for further details or join the event here on Facebook  
     Only few places left, don't miss it!


Saturday, 28 July 2012

The magic of Aphrodite and Yalla bye story

       To be honest, I don’t know where to start my story about Vilte and Irit Dulman International workshop in Cyprus, the Island of Greek Goddess Aphrodite. It is all over now. I’m still tired but content, my dreams full of images of the girls and my thoughts still there, on a beautiful coast of Latchi, in our spacious workshop room.  We only had a few days together, but it feels like a whole separate life we shared and enjoyed.

     This is my second workshop with Vilte and I hope not the last one. Since April 2011 the program has been expanded dramatically. It is very original in its simplicity but a lot of new techniques and texture, tips and tricks had been added. Plus different ways of layouts, templates and calculations. New unusual silk fibers from remote villages of India have been introduced and rare wild wool and locks being used during our lessons.

     I attended both workshops of Vilte and Irit.  It was pity to miss such opportunity, especially if it comes directly on your doorstep. First part of the day we’ve been working with Vilte, after four o’clock in the afternoon we continued with Irit.  We have worked many hours, but it was worth it. Every minute of it. Plenty of samples being made and also two finished garments. A lot of theory written in our workbooks.  All felting and dyeing/printing materials have been provided by both teachers. I really like the atmosphere of the classes; we could take a break whenever we wanted and go for a swim or a cold coffee, no strict rules or limitations. We had a lot of questions and all of them have been answered in full. Teacher’s patience was endless and kind and every day of workshops was full of learning.

      What I actually learned from my teachers. I already was working using Vilte’s technique more than a year. Being a journalist I was also quietly and attentively observing her work and progress for two years now; published the article about my first experience and I still don’t know how her mind works. She is going so fast in her work I don’t think anyone could ever follow. Always few steps forward with new ideas, techniques and discoveries. Vilte pays attention to smallest details but at the same time keeps telling us that no strict rules in felting and no waste in it. If the blouse didn’t came out the way you wanted you still can change or adjust the design by following its organic shape for example. I also noticed the way Vilte handles the silks and fibers; with care but not the fear of damaging it. Her hands movements are strong, fast and gentle at the same time.  She never lost her patience even being tired. Always calm, friendly and very supportive in any way possible. Lots of samples being made and two garments during her classes. 

      I’ve learned again to work slowly in order to move fast and to concentrate more and see more. I have to be a friend with my fibers and silks to get desired result; I have to wait till they start talking to me. I also learned to clear my mind from any negative or worrying thoughts and concentrate only on the project and feel free. It wasn’t easy but it worked wonders. Many times during the lessons I had this sensational feeling of total happiness we all had being kids. She is an amazing teacher and wonderful human being. Thank you for everything, dear Vilte; it was such a pleasure to work with you again!

       My discoveries with Irit. I always admired her work and never thought I could really see her in person here, in Cyprus. When I met Irit at the airport she looked very tired and fragile; only those famous bright blue eyes were glowing.  While we were driving to our hotel she never missed any tree and I started learning right there. During her classes the atmosphere was very relaxed as well and it was a lot o fun working with different fabrics and plenty of various plant materials. My workbook full of notes now, and I can’t wait to start working again. Workplace looked like a forest witchcraft nest with flying on the wind dyed dresses and samples. Local guests and foreigners were very curious about our work and asked a lot of questions.

      Before the master-class I’ve been running a lot of tests and thought that I know a bit about the leaves already. Well...Not! The main secret was hidden on a surface and it was the huge revelation for me. Irit taught us that we have to lose control, do not expect exact results every time and let the process of printing and dyeing take care of itself. We also learned that every mistake and every sample is precious; that is the way how we have to make our own discoveries. She taught us that every leaf has its own beautiful story and will whisper it eventually. Only then we could experience the true magic and real colours of Mother Nature.  I got more than I expected from Irit’s lessons. My dress and wrap came out in a very unpredicted way. I have so much more interesting patterns, colours and texture which I would never even dreamed to achieve. And I will definitely use the Eco printing and the new way of dyeing my dresses. Thank you so much, dear Irit! You shared every piece of knowledge you have with us and have been such interesting and inspiring teacher and an exceptional person!

     Irit and Vilte are very different but very similar in a way. They always joined us for every occasion; we swam, laughed, dinned and even danced together. But when I was looking at them I understand that they are always so far away, in another dimension, in their own secret world of mysterious fibers and miraculous colours. I couldn’t wish for better teachers and I think all our ladies are feeling the same.

     This was a working holiday for us.  Participants arrived from all over the world – USA, Island, Israel, Norway, the Netherlands, UK, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Cyprus.  Even we all were tired at the end of the day but we always shared dinner together on cosy restaurant veranda, overlooking Akamas Bay with its clear waters with the sun slowly going down to a blue silky haze. At the end of the first workshop we had a girl’s night out together and painted town red with karaoke’s favourite ‘I will survive’ and danced a lot.  We all clicked immediately as if we have known each other for a very long time. I never forget those amazing stories and late night conversations of human strength, losses and recoveries. Stories about how and why each of us started felting and how it helped to move forward and live a fine life. I’ll treasure them forever. Every time I start to write this part of my article I can’t hold my tears. So if it was written on paper it would be soaked wet. But these are happy tears with a little sadness. I was very lucky to meet all of you and privileged to work and play together. I will never forget your kindness, support and farewell gifts. What a beautiful souls and gorgeous Aphrodites you are! One day we’ll meet again, we were here for a reason. I think we all feel refreshed and may be even re-born again to meet new life experiences and challenges, to continue our work in a new and fascinating way.
      Let’s do it, let’s dare, we will survive, girls! Yalla bye, my dear friends and teachers!

                                    And I’ll be waiting...

*   In Hebrew slang Yalla bye it’s a combination of the Arabic word yalla meaning "common" and of the English word  bye. 

*  You could watch our video composed by Idan Levy here Thank you so much, Idan! It is fantastic work and we’ll treasure these documented memories.

 * Special thanks to Aphrodite Beach Hotel and Gregoria (the Owner) and the whole family. Dear Gregoria, we were feeling like at home and enjoyed every minute of our stay. Thank you for all your care and patience! We’ll see you again one day!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm shooting off...

   I'm shooting off to Vilte and Irit workshop in four hours. Can't sleep, checking and re-checking if I've collected everything for participants and for myself. Very excited and a bit nervous, this is a first time I'm involved in organisation of such important event.Tomorrow we all meet at the hotel and start setting up workshop place and start early on 17th of July. Wish us good luck, please! I will write about it and publish a lot of pictures after it is finished, so stay tuned! See you soon!
   Here is my latest work.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New work

    I was working a lot lately with customer orders due to my cooperation with 'Spotlight' boutique Great shop, great owner Natalie and great sales manager Tatiana. So really pleased about it. And one of the customer of the boutique just bought 4 of my clothing almost in one week. And he never really mentioned size (only app) or design, just a color. So I almost had a panic attack but everything is sold. Plus two scarfs and one wrap by private order, new long dress for the second day of wedding is almost ready, new wrap is must to be dyed, something special are going to Amsterdam soon and so on and so on. I love my job and I don't asking for any day off, but how are you, lovely creative people relaxing?



Sunday, 12 February 2012

Back to black

     I was very lucky this time with the photographs of my work. My dear friend Ingrid and stunning model agreed to help me and we actually had a lot of fun during the photo shut and after. Some pictures are taken in old Nicosia very near to Green Line which separates our island. 
     Winter feels cold for us here after 45 C summer; so I was working on some warm wraps. This time I used wool yarn (got plenty and keep buying it), Blue Faced Leicester, 18 mc Merino wool, Gotland locks, viscose fibers and various silks. I don't think I will use Gotland again for wearable's; it is very hairy and needs a lot of work but at the same time its texture is amazing. And I really should stop buying anymore yarn; just can't walk away from pretty texture and colors:))



Friday, 9 December 2011

White felt, part two or may be three...

 Just a few images of my white felt makeover. I don't mind this time, it came out rather well and texture looking much better than in a white version of it. And I really started like these warm and earthy colors. Dyeing process still magical procedure to me and it so interesting and educational at the same time. I’m not color blind and could recognize colors but only whites and creams are giving me a lot of calm and eye pleasure, but as they  always say  that ’ you never say ever ’...



Friday, 2 December 2011

White felt

   I really like white felt and silks and everything white and off white. I wish I could only work with these kind of materials, but it was never ever popular here, so I've decided to go with the flow and do 'next best thing' and dyed my scarf with eucalyptus bark and carob tree pods extract. Silk Chiffon 8 mm and 18.5 mc Merino.  Not entirely happy about it, but I'm trying to look at the situation from a bright side. One scarf is done; another three whites to go soon. May be its some kind of 'white felt discrimination'? : ))) Just joking... Some pics before and after. And I'm not giving up on white felt yet...