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Friday, 9 December 2011

White felt, part two or may be three...

 Just a few images of my white felt makeover. I don't mind this time, it came out rather well and texture looking much better than in a white version of it. And I really started like these warm and earthy colors. Dyeing process still magical procedure to me and it so interesting and educational at the same time. I’m not color blind and could recognize colors but only whites and creams are giving me a lot of calm and eye pleasure, but as they  always say  that ’ you never say ever ’...



Friday, 2 December 2011

White felt

   I really like white felt and silks and everything white and off white. I wish I could only work with these kind of materials, but it was never ever popular here, so I've decided to go with the flow and do 'next best thing' and dyed my scarf with eucalyptus bark and carob tree pods extract. Silk Chiffon 8 mm and 18.5 mc Merino.  Not entirely happy about it, but I'm trying to look at the situation from a bright side. One scarf is done; another three whites to go soon. May be its some kind of 'white felt discrimination'? : ))) Just joking... Some pics before and after. And I'm not giving up on white felt yet...


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Black and purple evening wrap

     Holiday season is not far away now and I wanted to make a big evening wrap. Black silk is always elegant from my point of view. The only thing, that ladies here, in Cyprus, are always wearing black colors. And sometimes it is very boring to make black scarves all over again. So this time I've decided to incorporate some purple in my work. Here is what happened at the end.



Saturday, 26 November 2011

Working with the raw wool

          Just a few pictures about working with the raw wool. Here is my new winter wrap made of silk gauze and 18 mc Merino fleece. This is a very first time when I want to keep it, thinking of excuses now...


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Eucalyptus dye

    I've collected a lot of eucalyptus bark in the nearest park and continued my experiments with natural dyes. I've run a lot of small tests before with scraps of fabric and got a lot of different and beautiful colors; from pale yellow to dark and rusty rich shades depending on eucalyptus type and fabric. So this wrap is my first real work with eucalyptus. I crocheted it first using baby mohair and felted after with 18 micron carded Merino.


Saturday, 19 November 2011

All about texture...

I think that nuno felt and felt it is all about texture. I just love this delicate but strong structure of it. Here is some images of my felt.


Natural dye experiments

       I’m experimenting a lot lately with natural dyes. So far logwood is my favourite dye. It gives beautiful shades of purple. I love its shades of gray on cotton, some kind of aged, stone washed look. This dress was inspired by ‘Felt United’ colours; it is seamless and made of 16 micron Merino wool, silk gauze and milk protein fibers. Hand dyed with a mix of logwood and redwood. 

Various leafs on pongee silk, overdyed in logwood bath


Moment of truth. I just love this times - work is done, dress is ready, now is time for some real magic...

 Logwood on cotton, just a happy accident.   


Monday, 14 November 2011

One step forward

      For some reason my computer is gone AWOL and started working very funny . So I'm scanning, downloading security features , but it is still playing with me. Can't answer any messages.. Here is some of my latest work. I'm not sure how to post the pics yet though...But at least one step forward..

Cotton gauze and BFL. Dyed with logwood

My new pointe shoes and my felt. I just noticed how organic its look together...

Pink Cocoon.Felted dress.Silk&18 mc Merino wool

Felted wrap. Silk&mik protein,crab fiber,16 mc Merino 

Silk gauze and cashmere. Hand dyed with logwood and redwood.

Silk&18 mc Merino seamless dress embellished with sari fibers. 

Silk gauze and 16 mc Merino wool scarf. Hand dyed with redwood&logwood. Color is deep purple at night and plum on the daylight.

Silk gauze and BFL

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I'll be posting....

I'm sorry for a mess, I'll post very soon. But thank you so much anyone who visited my new blog. Not blog , sounds grand:)))Not yet anyway... My current blog is here